The Ask

I had a conversation recently with someone who had been attending City Life for about a month. As we talked during Grow Track, I asked her how she began attending City Life. Her response was awesome. A friend, over the course of a couple of weeks, had consistently and lovingly invited her—but she kept finding excuses not to come check it out.  

Then things changed.

Life brought her to a point and a season where she didn’t know where to turn, and she remembered the invite. She decided it was time to come check out this church that had changed her friend’s life. She wanted to see if it could have the same impact on her life . . . and it did!

I love stories like this. The key to this story is how her friend consistently invited her to experience what she had found at City Life, and how God—in His providence—used her friend and the simple, but powerful habit of inviting! So awesome!

One of the most powerful things that can happen in the life of a follower of Jesus is when they invite someone to church, when they are consistent and prayerful, and that person comes and their life is changed! I get chills just writing that. God wants to use us to be a part of reaching our families and communities for Jesus!

Personal invitations are powerful.

The simple act of inviting friends and family to your church can impact eternity!

A study by LifeWay Research found that about two-thirds of those who attend church made it a point to invite someone to their church in the last six months, but nearly a third said they hadn’t extended an invitation to anyone. As God puts people in your life pathway this month, will you intentionally invite them?

You can do this!

Easter is a great time to invite people to church, and it's right around the corner!  We've come up with a list of fun ideas to help you get started. You can try some by yourself, with your family, with a friend, or with your small group. Or come up with your own ideas!   

Be yourself. Be consistent. Make the ask!  

- Chris



Chris Dodds