We love Philadelphia! We see big cities as big opportunities to demonstrate God’s big heart for people. Our city is filled with tangible needs that deserve practical solutions. We may not be able to meet them all, but that won’t stop us from meeting the needs we can with the resources we have. We want to be good neighbors. Philly is the place where we love to live, and live to serve.



At City Life one of our Core Values is to serve our city with compassion. Almost every second Saturday of the month we have a service project designed to reach the ONE by loving and serving our community.

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What if we could ignite a revolution of serving in our city? Every year we unleash radical generosity for one week by touching thousands of people through random acts of kindness in Philly. It's a reminder that we're on God’s mission in our city every day.

Giving Towards Servolution

At City Life, we have a value, we’re passionate about BEING RADICALLY GENEROUS. We also believe God’s called us to SERVE OUR CITY WITH COMPASSION. Every year we have one huge, creative outreach through which we get to put both of these values into motion: Servolution! Servolution is one week of outreach through which we blitz Philly with dozens of projects and random acts of kindness. This fall, we will be unleashing a revolution of serving!

Our goal this year is to give away $20,000.

In September you will actually be able to give this money away yourself, with your own hands, to THE ONE in our city. Will you ask God what He wants you to do to make this a special moment of radical generosity for our church?