WEEK 3: DISILLUSIONED ONE September 29 - October 5


  • Give an example of a time where you thought you lost something only to find it in a very familiar place.

  • When is a time when something far exceded your expectations? How did you react? Who did you tell about it?


Know that we have hope and victory for a future with Jesus—but more than a future hope and victory, the resurrection of Jesus ensures hope and victory every day of our life.


During this time you'll have the chance to reflect on the passage & respond! Feel free to share as much or as little as you'd like but know that this group is a safe place to share and everything discussed will stay within the group!

1. If you had good news to share with someone, who would be the first person you would tell? Why would you tell that person first?

2. What does Jesus say to Mary that helps her recognize Him? What is significant about the word that Jesus speaks to Mary?

  • What does Jesus tell His disciples about calling His own by name? Read John 10:1-5.

  • If Jesus were to call your name, would you recognize Him?

3. With what word does Mary respond to Jesus? Try to put yourself in Mary's shoes. How might you have responded?

4. Do you know someone who needs to know the good news that Jesus has risen from the dead and offers the gift of eternal life? Who is that person and why did they come to your mind?


This week I will tell _________________ about the power of Jesus that can change their life!

  • I will allow Jesus to turn my tragedy into triumph.

  • As Lord, Jesus will receive the highest place of honor in my life.

  • I realize that honoring Jesus should compel me to tell others about Him.


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