WEEK 2: DESPERATE ONE September 22 -28


Mrs. Peni of Purwonegoro, Indonesia had been blind for four years. Someone told her about the JESUS film, where Jesus heals a blind man. She asked her youngest daughter to guide her to the film showing so she could hear the story, even if she couldn’t see the picture.

When the scene was shown where the blind man asks Jesus to heal him, Mrs. Peni shouted out, “I want to see too!” A few moments later, as the film showed Jesus being nailed to the cross, her vision was restored!

  • What do you think of miracles like this?

  • Does it encourage or discourage belief in you?

  • Do you think miracles now are different than miracles in Jesus’ time?


Recognize and believe that Jesus is our Restorer.


During this time you'll have the chance to reflect on the passage & respond! Feel free to share as much or as little as you'd like but know that this group is a safe place to share and everything discussed will stay within the group!

1. Where do you see examples of faith in the story? Where do you see examples of disbelief?

2. Why do you think the woman touched Jesus? Do you think she believed that by touching Him she would be healed? Or do you think she was trying to get His attention?

3. What emotions/attitudes do you see from Jesus?

4. What do you believe about Jesus’ power and desire to heal physically? What about spiritually?

5. How do you relate with the woman? Are there reasons that you feel ashamed to come to Jesus for healing and restoration?

6. What step might Jesus be asking you to take this week to come to him for healing or restoration?


When I feel ______________ I will look to Jesus to remind me of who I really am.


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