WEEK 1: THIRSTY ONE September 15 -21


  • Describe a time when you've felt the most in need of water?

  • Where were you?

  • How did you get to that point of need?


Recognize our need for Jesus.

  • Realize that we can be honest and real with Jesus and that He meets us where we are.

  • Actively make Jesus Christ the source for where we go in our need.


During this time you'll have the chance to reflect on the passage & respond! Feel free to share as much or as little as you'd like but know that this group is a safe place to share and everything discussed will stay within the group!

1. The Samaritan woman makes her way to the well. At the shock of encountering what seems like a suspicious stranger, she resolves to do what she knows best - “hide her mind and harden her heart.”

  • What burdens weigh you down?

  • What are the moments you find yourself instinctively “shutting down” in relationship with yourself? With others?

2. As He meets the woman, Jesus is not afraid to admit, “I’m thirsty,” and to suggest, “thirst makes friends of us all.” Later, He even proclaims to her, “God is not on the mountaintop – but in your thirst!”

  • What are you thirsting for? Friendship? Acceptance? Community? Forgiveness? Healing? Boldness? Economic security?

  • How is your thirst inviting you to open up more deeply to God?

3. The Samaritan woman refuses Jesus’ help and says, “I’ll do it!” When Jesus instructs the woman to ask Him for a drink, she adamantly refuses.

  • When has pride kept you from receiving love?

  • In the past, have you been wounded when expressing your vulnerability?

  • What would it be like to ask for what you need? (From others? From God?)

  • What would it be like to ask Jesus for a drink?

4. After being received in her outrage, the woman’s heart cracks open. She opens to receive life-giving water; She trusts Jesus with her story.

  • In what ways are you building a relationship of trust with God?

  • Imagine Jesus giving you a drink. What does it feel like to receive?

  • If you could pour out your soul to Jesus and tell him everything you ever did, what stories would you give over to Him today?

  • Take a few moments now to pour yourself out to Him and be received in love. What does He say back to you?


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