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Welcome to City Life in Homes!


At City Life our dream is to be a vibrant community and we have a conviction that wherever we gather as a church.. THIS IS HOME! We’re taking a break from our regular service schedule on December 30th and moving our worship experiences into homes across the city. We hope you got a chance to get connected with a group in your neighborhood or gather your own group. Below, you’ll find a video of worship and a special New Year’s message from Pastor Brad. We’ll be back to our regular service times next week. Plan your visit.



We hope you’ll join in the fun and take a picture from wherever You are and post it to Facebook or Instagram. tag @citylifephilly and USE THE above hashtag.


Discussion Guide

Matthew 6:31-33; Revelation 2:2-4 

  1. What’s your favorite New Year’s Eve tradition? Do you stay up until midnight? Do you watch the ball drop in Times Square? Have you ever been to Times Square?!

  2. Pastor Brad used an illustration with two jars. Which jar feels more like your life? Why is it so challenging at times to put the big rocks in first?

  3. Read Matthew 6:31-32. What stands out to you from these two verses? How should we feel knowing that “our heavenly Father knows what we need?”

  4. Read the next verse (v 33). Pastor Brad said that “if we give God what’s first, He’ll bless what’s left.” How can “seeking first the Kingdom of God” reorient and refocus our lives?

  5. Pastor Brad mentioned four ways to put God first (our year, our week, our day, our finances). What would you add to this list? Which of these do you need to focus on in 2019?

  6. Read Revelation 2:2-4. Have you ever lost your “first love?” What are some signs that God has stopped being first in your life?

  7. Read Exodus 20:1-3. Some scholars have said that if we can keep the first commandment, we won’t even have to worry about breaking the rest. Why do you think God made this commandment first out of ten?

  8. God is a jealous God. He wants first place in our lives. What can you do in 2019 to make God your all-consuming first love?

City Life Kids


We will wrap up the big birthday bash with a visit from some wise men. They follow a star a very long way just to worship Jesus. Hey, they knew Jesus is special!

Story Focus: The wisemen come to see God’s Son.


We finish our month on compassion in 1 John 4:9-12, where we read about God’s great love for us when He sent Jesus to pay the price for our sins. John reminds us that no one has ever seen God, but when we show love to others, people see God through us.

Bottom Line: Love others because God loved you first. This week, we want to help kids connect their compassion to the source of compassion. We show love to others, not just because it’s a good thing to do, but also because it’s what God did for us and what God calls us to do for others.  

2018 11 year end giving.png

Throughout the New Testament, the idea of “The Kingdom” is referenced more than 100 times. Jesus made it clear that instead of being self-minded and focused on our personal desires, we should be “kingdom-minded” and focused on the needs closest to his heart. Our goal in 2018 is to be radically generous and give $155,000 above and beyond our regular giving toward strategic Kingdom causes through our Kingdom Builders campaign. Because of your radical generosity, we are almost there!!! Let’s be generous this Christmas season and give above and beyond so we can finish our Kingdom Builder commitments strong!