God of Wonder

What do you wonder about? We wonder because our frame of reference doesn’t provide us with all of the answers we seek. As our frame of reference changes or expands, some mysteries are solved. Some remain mysterious. So what do you do with the really big mysteries in life--the mysteries that won’t resolve no matter how much we explore them? What do you do with your unanswered questions?

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We Serve Our City With Compassion

What would it look like for you and I this week to go out and live with compassion? What could happen in our city if our church got radical about serving with compassion? What if we went out and lived like Jesus? Join us as a learn about City Life's third value: We Serve Our City With Compassion.

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Turn the Page

When you get stuck in a season of your life you miss the new thing God has for you. You never get to experience what He has waiting for you on the next page. Turn the page!

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